Washing the hair is one of the most sacred moments of beauty, however, not always the shampoo we use does well to capillary health. The reason is simple: sulfate, petroleum derivatives and parabens present in traditional products that are used for cleaning can cause dryness and loss of oiliness. To give a rest to the wires, there are techniques like the low poo and no poo.

The procedures are ideal for keeping curly and curly hairs more moisturized, but nothing prevents them from being used on other types of yarn.


Low poo
If you are used to using the common shampoo, it is best to start with the low poo, after all, abrupt change can damage your hair. Low-poo products have a low sulfate content.

The low poo is indicated primarily for those who can not completely eliminate traditional shampoos because of excessive oiliness of the scalp. Sportsmen or women who live in places with high temperatures, for example, suffer the most from the problem.

No poo
In the case of the no poo the use of sulfate is totally eliminated from the capillary routine. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the use of products which do not mix with water, such as insoluble silicones, mineral oil and paraffin. They stick to the wires and you may need to use the sulphate for cleaning.

To follow the technique of the no poo, you can eliminate shampoo with or without sulfate and substitute for homemade recipes. It is still possible to buy products that serve to clean hair, but that do not have sulfate. If you are thinking of adhering to washes, you need to shy away from shampoos that have substances like sodium, lauryl sulfate, lauryl ether, ammonium sulfate and sodium lauryl ether sulfate.

In the no-poo method, the co-wash is applied, a process that relies on the use of the conditioner alone. In the low poo, the shampoo (even if with little sulphate) still precedes the act of conditioning.

It is important to avoid the use of conditioners that contain insoluble silicones, especially during no-poo. Hairs need emollients, humectants, proteins and moisturizers and it is therefore recommended to look for products that contain shea butter, vegetable oils, olive oil, chestnut oil, D-Panthenol, Glycerin, Sorbital, Aloe Vera, wheat and soy.

In addition to all these has a great advantage for those who use both techniques: you less wash your hair, so you can save money and shampoo!

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